About US

Letz Talk Technologies offers GPS vehicle tracking solutions to help you streamline your business, make timely decisions and formulate lucrative growth strategies. Based in Rwanda, Letz Talk Technologies sources its technology from United States of America to offer you advanced services. Founded by Shehzad Tharani and Laila Mithani, Letz Talk Technologies is Reliance Securities sister concern. Our tracking software is instrumental in efficient fleet management.

Unlike other GPS tracking companies, our location intelligence and fleet management ensures that you are constantly aware of your vehicles' location. The GPS tacking software provides actionable insights that can also identify inefficient fuel consumption to reduce your fuel costs. It facilitates complete accountability and transparency between drivers as well as clients. The number of work hours can be easily verified using detailed reports. Apart from tracking, you can also be proactive and schedule, track costs and set reminders regarding timely servicing of your vehicles.

Letz Talk Technologies

Our GPS vehicle tracking software can be used by any company that requires its vehicles to be tracked and wants to receive real-time insights. Our software can be applied across industries and is compatible with a wide variety of vehicles. Our tracking solution is completely customizable and scalable. Be it a small passenger vehicle or a large commercial vehicle, we can track it to perfection.

Apart from efficient GPS vehicle tracking, prime benefits associated with our software are reduction of overtime hours, speeding, vehicle idling, unauthorized vehicle usage and theft. Letz Talk technologies ensures that your vehicles are tracked 24 x 7, integrates data across systems and results in actionable insights that result in increased profits.