Data Integration

Letz Talk provides you a platform that combines individual computing systems or software applications and provides you with an actionable result. With data Integration you can have complete control over your fleet operations as it enables integrated GPS tracking with your existing business applications. The Data Integration feature compiles data from several sources and presents it in a desired format. This data is easy to analyze and used to develop future strategies.

Data Integration

LetzTalk offers the following four type of integration.

  • Application Program Interface (API)

    This application is instrumental in coordinating between your back-end systems and our servers. Systems such as ERP, CRM, Order, Dispatch etc. and our servers are relied upon to push and pull data regarding your fleet. Location API is most commonly used as it sends vehicle/asset information.

  • Map Overlays

    Map overlays make use of Geographic Information System (GIS) to enhance tracking. Business specific mapping information is layered into a GPS tracking platform. This facilitates keeping track of business specific points along with your vehicles.

  • Data Connect

    Data connection is an advanced integration tool. It connects different softwares for better communication. It can be customized and offers detailed information due to its expansive coverage.

  • Data Dump

    Data Dump collates information from two different systems at a scheduled time and presents a report. This report forms a base for analysis and strategy formulation.