• Superior Technology

    ELD stands for Electronic Logging Device. It is an advanced piece of machinery that replaces the old paper-based logbooks and delivers enhanced safety and better productivity for your fleet. The ELD-2000 complies with the latest standards of quality set forth by leading regulatory bodies.

    The ELD system has a direct link to the vehicle's engine. This allows it to calculate data, driving patterns, hours of service and other aspects relating to the driver and the vehicle. This reduces the time taken during roadside inspections by providing speedy and errorless reports for the traffic authorities. As a result, fines for common violations are drastically reduced.

  • Versatile Functionality

    The integrated Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR) ensures better vehicle maintenance and fewer traffic violations. Moreover, the DVIR inspects defects and allows you to modify the vehicle equipment lists for an up-to-date care and protection of your vehicle.

    The motion screen constantly displays the number of remaining hours with respect to hours of service defined by the regulating authorities so that the drivers know the time left for them to complete the tasks assigned.

    Furthermore, it has support for a team of drivers and a system for multiple vehicles used by the same driver in one day for providing accurate hours of service information.

  • Time and Cost Saving

    As the drivers don't have to spend time on paperwork, they spend more time being productive. It drastically reduces the time taken for internal inspections and audits as well. Additionally, real-time data on availability and location of drivers is accessible which improves the decisions made by the management.

    The Electronic Logging Device reduces the cost of various overheads in the long run. Due to the entire system being electronic, the cost of paper forms is virtually eliminated. It also helps to reduce insurance premiums consequent to timely maintenance. Recruitment cost decreases, along with driver turnover as a result of better safety standards.