Garmin Integration

Revolutionize the way you correspond with your fleet with the integrated Garmin GPS tracking system. It can efficiently manage your workforce by allowing you to dispatch and communicate with them. It makes your work simpler as all your interactions are made and recorded using a single system.

You can communicate with your drivers without the distraction of a mobile phone, for a safe and focused commute. It helps to keep your fleet on track by providing turn-by-turn directions on the screen. Moreover, it assists in reducing the fuel consumption by providing greater mileage.

Features of Garmin GPS tracking system:

  • Immediate communication with drivers (free form or automated messages)
  • Send routes and next stop
  • Audio and visual notifications for directions
  • Drivers can send their status from a pre-defined pick-list of options
  • Check when Garmin message was sent, delivered, viewed and marked 'complete' by the driver
  • Dispatch more than one vehicles to the same location using "Closest To" dashlet
  • Drivers can log in their activities which will be displayed in reports

The Garmin GPS tracking system also comes with Garmin Custom Forms for mobile data collection. This feature offers an innovative data collection method that is based on your customized business requirements. These custom forms enhance the way you manage your employees without the hassles of paperwork.

It allows you to gather data directly from the field in real-time which eliminates the time taken in the submission of data collection sheets. You can expedite billing, log pre and post trip inspection, identify crew members for payroll, track inventory and much more using these forms.