Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

This feature allows you to keep all your vehicles in pristine condition. It offers you the freedom to set reminders for services based on mileage, time intervals, or a chosen date.

Mnemonics for lubrication, oil filtering, performance tune up, oil changing, replacing transmission fluid, rear-end service, and similar services can be easily set-up.

Our vehicle tracking software ensures timely maintenance of your fleet, so that your assets/vehicles run seamlessly for an extended period of time without any hassles. You can schedule reminders for various services and manage your automobiles more efficiently for running an effective and fruitful business.

Moreover, a service reminder report can be generated to provide a detailed account of upcoming and overdue maintenance. For a clear differentiation, all overdue maintenance services are highlighted in the report. This helps in alerting the management and drivers for well-timed repairs of the vehicles.