Tracking for Construction Trucks and Equipment

Letz Talk Technologies allows you to revolutionize the way you manage your fleet of trucks and equipment. It gives you the power to manage your business operations with a higher degree of competence by helping you in cutting down unnecessary expenses to enhance your productivity at lower costs.

GPS Tracking for Construction Equipment
  • Reduce Fuel Consumption

    Irrespective of the nature of your operations, there is always scope to improve fuel efficiency. Our tracking software allows you to keep a check on unauthorized usage, so you can significantly cut back on fuel consumption.

  • Economical Dispatch

    With efficient and user-friendly dispatching abilities, the vehicle and asset tracking software will provide assistance for ideal utilization of both time and money. The dispatchers can conveniently track the vehicles on the GPS maps and forward the location of the next delivery site using Garmin PND, text messages or E-mails.

  • Extended Vitality Of Trucks and Machinery

    Effective usage of the assets and machinery has always been the utmost priority, when it comes to construction. By effective GPS tracking, you can identify which equipment is being overused, what is being under-utilized. This allows you to distribute the tasks evenly for an improved performance.

    GPS also saves the enormous proportion of maintenance expenditures and replacement costs by ensuring timely maintenance of vehicles based on time or miles covered. Vehicle diagnostic information and diagnostic trouble code alerts can be received as and when required to keep vehicles running, without lags in service.

  • Faster Recovery of stolen equipment

    When one of your trucks has been working during off-hours or has violated its movement by leaving a landmarked area, you will immediately receive an alert. If you cannot account for this unusual movement, the real-time location can be forwarded to the authorities so that the stolen vehicle can be recovered.

  • Improvement in billing accuracy

    The Vehicle and asset tracking software assists you in creating highly accurate invoices without going over the paper logs submitted by the employees. The software produces detailed reports that help you to determine the number of hours for which a customer has to be billed for. It also serves as hard evidence during customer disputes.