Tracking for Delivery and Distribution Fleets

Letz Talk Technologies' GPS tracking for fleet provides you the means to successfully manage a large number of delivery vehicles, while being productive and economical.

GPS tracking for fleet ensures prompt and highly efficient delivery and distribution of goods. It even helps you to increase customer satisfaction by providing them accurate ETA's.

GPS Tracking for Delivery Vehicles
  • Real time vehicle location

    Enjoy an absolute dominion over your fleet with GPS monitoring. You will always be aware of the instantaneous location of your delivery trucks in real-time. You can view where the vehicle is, how far it is from the delivery location, and whether or not they took the quickest route to the location.

  • Instant Notifications

    The GPS tracking for fleet doesn't just stop at tracking; it sends live messages to supervisors and even the truck drivers to keep them up-to-date with any specific problems or activities. It also has an option to alert your customers in case the delivery might arrive sooner.

    This system will immediately inform you when your drivers are speeding, idling or stopping at one location for a long time. You can review this information for every driver in your fleet and train them to be more productive.

  • On-time Deliveries

    The tracking software optimizes the driver's routes for faster deliveries. These routes can be sent to them using Garmin personal navigation device or directly to their Smartphones for step-by-step directions. It also sends alerts to the crew when they have spent too much time at one customer location to urge them to hurry up.

  • Proof of Delivery

    You can look up your vehicle's history going back to the date of installation with this software. And produce time-stamped proof of deliveries. This is especially useful if your customers need a confirmation of the job done or for refuting any claims that may arise.