Tracking for Equipment Rentals

Manage your rental equipment with convenience and ease with the Fleet and Equipment tracking software by Letz Talk Technologies. We employ the most advanced GPS tracking system and provide efficient solutions for handling a large fleet.

  • Constant Monitoring

    Our GPS vehicle tracking system provides tracking service for both rental equipment as well as vehicles used to transport heavy equipment. Using a computer or mobile device, you can determine the exact amount of time the delivery of the equipment rentals will take.

    Certain statistics of your equipment such as, its whereabouts, speeding, needless idling, and for how long a vehicle stopped at a certain location can be found out within seconds.

  • Curtail Fuel Consumption

    Make sure that your drivers follow the rules and do not use the company resources for personal use. You can monitor the driving habits of your driver which helps you to reduce fuel consumption by restricting detrimental driving practices.

  • Accurate Billing

    Letz Talk Technologies' GPS vehicle tracking system makes it effortless to bill customers. It determines the frequency of a site visit, how long your equipment stayed on the job site, and the run-time of the equipment's engine. This helps you to prepare an invoice which states the entire bifurcation of the fee charged.

    Moreover, paper trail of logs and work hours can be completely eliminated with this software. As a result, process of audits and reviews is simplified which helps your accounting team save a lot of time.

  • Theft Recovery

    GPS tracking will help you to immediately locate your stolen rental equipment. Alerts will be sent to you if there's any kind of unauthorized vehicle movement. The real-time mapping allows you to report the location to the authorities so that you can recover your equipment as soon as possible.