Tracking for HVAC and Plumbing

With Letz Talk Technologies' Vehicle and Asset tracking software, you can run your business using advanced technology for efficient administration and producing higher profit yield.

It allows HVAC and Plumbing companies to deploy technicians most effectively by tracking vehicles in real-time.

This software is the perfect tool for superior management; helping you to make prompt and precise dispatch decisions. Depending upon the nature of task at hand, you can assign the right technician for the job so that is done proficiently.

HVAC GPS Tracking

Your staff can be contacted without searching for their contact details as their E-mail address and phone numbers are displayed right on the screen. In addition to text messages, calls and E-mails, technicians can also be contacted via the Garmin Navigation service.

  • Enhanced Customer Service

    To provide better services to your clientele, you can simply check real-time maps, and determine how long will it take for your executive to reach the destination.

    You can also provide proof of service by revisiting your employee's vehicle history and ascertain if they have made all the scheduled visits or not. This system increases productivity of your staff by allowing them to serve more customers in one day.

  • Lower fuel costs

    Reduce your monthly fuel costs dramatically by keeping a track of excess idling, unauthorized vehicle usage, and speeding. You can also assign the shortest and fastest route to your drivers via Garmin Personal Navigation Device. This feature helps you to train technicians to be more efficient and avoid unnecessary trips.

  • Ubiquitous Access

    You can keep a track of what your employees are doing even when you're not in the office by employing a Smart device. The mobile application also enables you to view your fleet's location and status, communicate with drivers, dispatch vehicles, and create landmarks on the go.