Tracking for Lumber Trucks

Letz talk technologies' GPS tracking software simplifies the way you manage your lumber hauling fleet. By employing state-of-the-art technology along with numerous features, it helps you to achieve greater earnings by minimizing cost and enhancing the process of operation.

GPS Tracking Software for Lumber Trucks
  • Optimize Expenditures

    Our tracking software lets you monitor how your trucks are used. It helps you to save considerable amount of money by cutting down the fuel consumption. You can simply cross-check the number of hours your workers claim to have worked against the tracker logs to determine the actual time spent on-duty.

    Monitoring driver behavior also keeps a check on accidents, and hence saves you a tremendous amount of time and money. Due to GPS tracking, you can rest assured that your expensive vehicles and equipment can be recovered in case of larceny, saving you the resources which would have been otherwise spent on replacement of stolen equipment.

  • Verify Productivity

    Using the Landmark reports, your management team can label job sites, suppliers and wholesalers in order to view information of the fleet's productivity.

  • Efficient Routing

    For a highly productive transmission, you can immediately dispatch or route a driver without using your phone. The tracking apparatus has an option to send optimized and the shortest routes to a driver's Smartphone or on the Garmin PND installed in the vehicle.

  • Proof of Job Completion

    The 'Driver Notes' feature ensures that you always have detailed records with hard evidence that amounts to proof of delivery or task done. Using this feature your driver can upload a picture of the items delivered with a timestamp. This helps to settle any invoice dispute with your customers.

  • Driver Accountability

    Our Vehicle and Asset tracking software acknowledges multiple drivers for the same vehicle. This helps you to identify which delivery was made by which driver to maintain meticulous records for inspections.