Tracking for Other Industries

Regardless of which industry you are a part of, if you have a fleet of vehicles or assets, Letz Talk Technologies' Vehicle and Asset tracking software will provide you with a wide range of features aimed at the betterment of your business.

It offers you an opportunity to overlook every task done by your fleet and crew so that you can determine the efficacy of your operations, and accordingly make changes to increase the output. This system has a simple dashboard interface which makes it extremely accessible and easy to use.

Vehicle & Asset Tracking Software
  • Instant Notifications

    With the alerts feature of this software, you can choose to receive alerts about any specific problem or activity pre-defined by you. You can program the tracker to send these alerts to other supervisors as well as drivers. This keeps you informed if your drivers are speeding, idling, halting for too long, and more.

  • Improve Customer Service

    Since you have access to current and past locations of your vehicles, you can deliver proof of service by viewing verified time-stamped visits to particular locations. Moreover, due to the live tracking and real-time mapping, you can provide your customers with the estimated time your driver/employee will take to arrive.

  • Reduce Fuel Costs

    As your vehicles will be under constant monitoring, you will immediately be notified if any employee is using your vehicles for personal use. This significantly reduces your fuel consumption by curbing unauthorized usage.

    Furthermore, this tracker prepares the most optimized routes for your vehicles to reach the defined destinations. This automatically reduces the time spent looking for the address and reaching the given location quickly and efficiently.

  • Anytime Access

    You can make sure that you are always aware of the location and status of your fleet regardless of where you are, by accessing this software through a Smartphone or Tablet.