Tracking for Pest Control Vehicles

Letz Talk Technologies' Vehicle and Fleet tracking system provides you with an extensive insight about the on goings of your business at all hours of the day. Constant vehicle tracking of your pest control fleet gives you the ability to operate your business lucratively.

Vehicle tracking system also promotes healthy management by increasing the efficiency of the staff and bringing down the price of expenses.

Vehicle Tracking System
  • Location Mapping

    The software offers you a continual knowledge of your vehicle's whereabouts in real-time. This helps you to achieve a superior level of transparency so that you can control your fleet more effectively. As a result of constant awareness, you can provide your customers with estimations of the time of arrivals and job completions.

    Your employees will no longer have to waste their time in filling paper logs or searching for the customer's address. The saved time can be utilized to be more productive by completing more jobs on a daily basis, which in turn means more revenue.

  • Customized Routing

    Routing can be simplified by using Garmin integration, in which, job details can be sent in an optimized order directly to the Garmin device. This will provide your drivers with a route to each of the locations. You can also choose to send the task details on the technician's Smart device which will use Google or Apple maps for creating routes.

    Routing more efficiently will decrease wear and tear, mileage and fuel costs, causing a significant increase in the durability of your vehicles.

  • Proof of Job Completion

    Sometimes end users need proof of your technician's visit as well as the completion of their jobs. Our Fleet and Asset tracking software will allow you to deliver your clientele the necessary details in the form of accurate location and logs.

  • Reduce Labor Expenses

    Monitor employee start and stop times, know their whereabouts, number of breaks taken, and at what time they log-off with the help of our vehicle tracking system. This data will significantly decrease timesheet disputes and can be used to replace them. This leads to a further increase in the productivity of your fleet and reduces the price of labor.