Tracking for Security Services

GPS tracking system for cars by Letz Talk Technologies is an extremely advanced initiative that helps to provide you complete location intelligence for managing your entire fleet, assets and employees.

GPS Tracking System for Cars
  • Monitor Your Security Fleet's Activity

    The software provides your supervisors with a comprehensive view of all your vehicles in real-time. It's an endeavor to let you know the exact location of your vehicles and make it easy to dispatch those vehicles that are closest to the location at which any incident occurred.

    GPS tracking ensures that your vehicles respond immediately and follow the quickest routes. You can also analyze the history of your fleet's routes to confirm that your employees are making their rounds at the assigned areas at prescribed intervals of time.

  • Customize Your Fleet Tracking

    Our software provides your security service company with extremely customizable reports to ensure you can view the exact information you need. Fleet tracking software helps you set-up instant alerts that can be sent by SMS or email to monitor your vehicle's location. It automatically sends an alert if a vehicle is running at odd hours. This helps in curbing unauthorized usage and is very helpful in case of thefts.

  • Improve Invoicing and Provide Proof of Service

    The detailed reports generated by the GPS tracking system for cars, provides your security business the exact amount of hours your client has to be billed for. This ensures a simple and a more efficient record keeping process. You will be able to determine the amount of time a vehicle spent at a particular location and the reason behind the stop.

    The 'Stop Note' reporting serves as proof of service when your employees make a stop at a customer's location. They can provide the status of their job completion, in addition to an image for detailed evidence report.