Tracking for Transportation and Motorcoach Fleet

Letz Talk Technologies' fleet tracking software combines safety, cost reduction, and fleet maintenance to provide a unilateral solution for your transportation business.

GPS Tracking for Cars
  • Safe Transportation for Passengers and Drivers

    For providing a safe and comfortable commute to your passengers, the fleet and asset tracking software by Letz Talk Technologies allows you to monitor driver behavior. Constant monitoring of your driving staff will encourage them to drive safely as they are aware that their driving pattern is being observed.

    You can keep a track of driver metrics such as speeding, idling, miles driven, sudden acceleration and harsh braking. This helps you to coach your staff so that they follow the defined rules and drive safely.

  • Lower Fuel Consumption

    Most motorcoach fleet managers avail a complete return on investment from the tracking software in fuel cost savings alone. Using GPS tracking and accurate mapping, you can cut down miles driven, unauthorized usage of vehicles and other driving habits that lead to excess fuel consumption.

  • Easier Maintenance Scheduling

    GPS Insight software will alert management when maintenance is due for your vehicles. This maintenance can include services such as, oil change, tire rotation, vehicle registration renewal, etc. Once the date of maintenance arrives you will be alerted via text message, e-mail, or the GPS Insight dashboard.

  • Hours of Service

    The electronic logging device installed in each vehicle enables you to monitor the hours of services of your drivers. This helps you to follow the prescribed number of hours an employee can legally drive without taking any breaks. This system makes roadside inspections quicker and avoids paperwork as well.

    It saves time during auditing of driver logs as all the information needed is digital and can be obtained within seconds of defining search criteria.