Tracking for Tree Service and Landscaping

Measuring the productivity of vehicles and employees is crucial in order to gauge the progress and profits made. Our vehicle and asset tracking software provides that, and much more for Tree Service and landscaping companies.

This software helps you to gain comprehensive understanding of your fleet and hence, gives you the freedom to manage your business more efficiently than ever before. You can easily cut unnecessary costs and ensure higher margins.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System
  • Decrease Fuel Expenses

    With complete monitoring of your crew's and vehicle's location and status, you can effectively cut down on fuel usage. You will have an extensive insight of activities such as excessive speeding, idling and unauthorized vehicle use. With the mapping feature, you can also send the most cost-effective routes and hence reduce the number of miles driven.

  • Proficient Crew Management

    When your fleet knows that they are under constant monitoring, they involuntarily take extra care. With a central line of communication you can manage your vehicles and dispatch them based on proximity, vehicle type or any other criteria. Moreover, this system also keeps you notified about upcoming or overdue maintenance of your vehicles.

    With track start and stop times of employee shifts, you can track the number of stops made and jobs completed in a day. This information can be compared to time cards padded for hours to ensure unnecessary overtime is not paid. This not only increases productivity, but also helps to cut down expenses.

  • Share Location Information

    This software gives you the liberty to share the location of your crew with your partners. You can send an API or customer map so they can view the vehicles in real-time. It helps in greater coordination and better execution.